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How to sell contents of Estate! Compare the difference

Terms   Treasure Content Sale   Consignment Store   Online Auction Terms
What we Sell   Everything   Very Selective   Almost everything
Turn around Time   2 weeks   upto five month   1 month
Staging Costs   Included   None   Hourly Rate
Moving Costs   None   Owners responsibilty   None
Pricing   Maximize sale value   Price drops until it sells   Sold to highest bidder, sometimes $1.00
Items not sold   left for family or Donated to Charity   Donated to Charity   Left for family
Min Amount per item   None   unknown   none
Min. Commission   None unless the item sells then 30% of sale.   50% of sale value   $10 per lot or $1000 or 30% whichever is more for sale
Settlement   Same day as sale   15th of each month. But will not reissue lost or stale dated cheques. Will not call when payment is ready.   2 weeks after closing of auction