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Antique Sterling Silver Gallery Tray ~ Contact for pricing

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English Sterling Silver Gallery Tray by Alexander Clark Company LTD. Hallmarked from Sheffield and dated 1919. Tray measures 20" x 12" The business was established in 1891 by Clift Alexander Mawer Clark at 138 Fenchurch Street, London. Manufacturing premises were opened in 1894 at 29 Market Place, Oxford Street.

In 1900 the firm was active at Welbeck Works, Randall Street, Sheffield, transferring its activity to James Street Works, St. Paul's, Birmingham, in 1918.

The firm was active also at 29 Market Place, London (1894-1910), 188 Oxford Street, London (1900-1915), 125-126 Fernchurch Street, London (1909-1918), 38-40 Mitre Street, Aldgate, London (1921), 17 Sycamore Street, Sheffield (1921) and 38 Leadenhall Street, London (1941).
The partners were C.A.M. Clark, Louis Vernon Clark, Robert Fead Mosley and Robert Frederick Mosley (of R.F. Mosley & Co Ltd).
The firm was converted in 1912 into a limited liability company under the style of the Alexander Clark Co Ltd.
In 1912 the firm advertised its reproduction of silver historical pieces as the Tudor Bowl (period Henry VIII), the Tudor Cup, Antique Jug found on the excavations at Pompeii, Mediaeval Beaker (Henry VII, 1496).
In 1914 the Alexander Clark Manufacturing Co Ltd had 620 employees in the activities of silversmiths, cutlers, precious stone mounters and dressing bag manufacturers. It was specialised in the production of silver, "Welbeck Silver Plate" and electroplate, cutlery, fitted dressing cases and bags, high-class leather goods.
WELBECK was the trade mark used on silverplate production.

Alexander Clark c. 1891 - c. 1898
The Alexander Clark Manufacturing Co c. 1898 - 1912
The Alexander Clark Co Ltd 1912 - 1940s

The firm entered various marks at London Assay Office (1891, 1892, 1894, 1897, 1900, 1909, 1910 and 1912), Sheffield Assay Office (1898 and 1900), Birmingham Assay Office (1899, 1903, 1904 and 1912) and Chester Assay Office (1906 and 1921).


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