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A family operated business since 1992 opened its doors in originally in North York but worked its way to Rosedale in Toronto via a detour on Queen Street. After of approximately 12 years in Rosedale in beautiful surroundings we moved to Thornhill at 7569 Yonge Street in July 2005. After five years we made our move to Oakville,  Bronte Village right across the Sobeys Plaza. One of the few of the Antiques Stores in this area, it is a quaint shop right on the corner of Jones and Lakeshore, the store is jam packed with anything you can imagine, a decorators haven and treasure hunters quest.

With a wide variety of antiques from the all over the world we carry everything from art to silver, from Rugs to Royal Doultons, our specialty knish is high calibre items from France, Germany and Russia. At any one time you can find many museum quality items in stock for sale.

Shrine of The Bab, Haifa Israel

With a total combined experience of 60 years operating the antique shop including a two and half years experience as a Curatorial Assistant to large private collection in Haifa, Israel, to help inventory and document the objects in that impressive collection,  we help clients with Appraisals, Content Sales, Estate Sales and downsizing as well as operating the shop with buying, selling and consulting with clients, antique dealers and auctioneers all over the world. We are ready to assist with an appraisal, consigning to sell and buying quality antiques, fine art and collectibles. We can offer online appraisal for a fee of $11.30. For more information, you can contact us by email or call 416-855-6999 for a confidential appointment.

Most recently we have been very active with the Senior Residences and Centres, helping our valued Seniors with appraising their heirlooms and antiques. We will help people realize the potential of their heirlooms thru our motto, “One appraisal at a time”. Please visit us at our next Appraisal Day Event at a location near you.

The pictures you see on the website are only a small sampling of the items we carry in the store. If you would like to be added to our collector’s database please email us including your name, as well as the items of interest, and we will email you with any newly acquired or consigned items. Please contact us for pricing and condition reports.





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