In loving memory of my father, best friend, mentor, most trusted confidant and partner

Ouria passed away at the early morning hours of 22 June 2020 in his home, with his wife, Mahin, at his bedside and surrounded by love and compassion. Ouria left a legacy of courage, upright character and generosity for all his friends and children, he is survived by his wife, 6 children and 12 grandchildren.

Ouria was born in 1922 in Iran in a Jewish family. His father later embraced the Baha’i Faith and Ouria and his two brothers followed the footsteps of their beloved father, embarking on a path of service to humanity and a determination for a universal brotherhood.

His legacy is determined by strong foundation of family he created in his children to be world embracing being married to people of different nationality including Italian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Trinidadian, American and Brazilian, with the same aspirations as their father and establishment of unity of mankind.

Often remembered by friends of the family for his generous hospitality and largeness.

“O SON OF THE SUPREME! I have made death a messenger of joy to thee. Wherefore dost thou grieve? I made the light to shed on thee its splendor. Why dost thou veil thyself therefrom.