Most of your questions can be answered here:

Q- Do we buy furniture?

A- Hard to say, I will need to see what you have first.

Q- Do accept returns?

A- Most items are sold on final sale basis. We are however willing to purchase back items from our Elite Collection

Q- How do you charge for In-Home Appraisal Services?

A- We charge an hourly rate of $150.00/hour plus applicable taxes. The clock starts when we leave the office to your location.

Q- What are looking to buy or take on consignment?

A- With the current situation over the past 1.5 years, we are very selective on the items we are willing to take on. We are happy to purchase very high quality antiques, jewelry, watches, carpets, Fine Art, coins, Gold, Sterling Silver etc. Send us photo and we will reply within a couple of hours.

Q- Do you supply free appraisals?

A- Unfortunately we are unable to give free appraisals. We are happy to refund you the appraisal fees, if you decide to use our service to sell your items we are interested in, within 30 days of the appraisal.

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