How to sell an Estate! Compare the difference


You want to sell items from an estate or you are downsizing and need to off load! Well this is what you are not aware of when you sign a contract to do an online auction:

When you use an online auction, there is no reserves on the items you are selling so, they could sell for as low as $1.00. When and item sells for $1.00 you still owe the auction company $9.00. Thats correct they only person making money is the auction company. It would have been better to donate this lot than sell it.

You can see with these 2 lots that sold for $1.00 each. The auction company took the $2.00 and will still charge you $18.00…

This may not be your best option.

How to sell an Estate! Compare the difference

Terms Treasure Content Sale Consignment Store Online Auction
What we Sell Everything Very Selective Almost everything
Turn around Time 2 weeks upto five month 1 month
Moving Costs None Owners responsibilty None
Pricing Maximize sale value Price drops until it sells Sold to highest bidder, sometimes $1.00
Items not sold left for family or Donated to Charity Donated to Charity Left for family
Min Amount per item None unknown none
Min. Commission None 50% of sale value $10 per lot. Min $1000 per sale or 30% whichever is more
Settlement Same day as sale 15th of each month. But will not reissue lost or stale dated cheques. Will not call when payment is ready. 2 weeks after closing of auction
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