Importance of a competent appraiser!

Are they working for you or their bottom line?

During the past few years, I see many Down sizer and auctioneers who claim to be knowledgeable about antiques, fine art and collectables. This however is not always true. I see many items being sold for pennies on the dollar by these so called experts. This is one of the items that recently sold. I will not mention who the outfit is. You decide for yourself.

It is catalogued as an Silk Aubusson Carpet. The only label which was correct was the silk part. This is Persian Ghom Silk prayer carpet from the later part of the 20th century. It is finely woven and pretty good condition from the photo. This item should have fetched between $1500-$2000 on today’s market, but only achieved $470.00.

Sellers beware do not to sell your items for next to nothing….

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