In-home Appraisal $150/hour


In Home appraisal for $150.00/hour plus applicable taxes. The clock starts when we leave the office to come to you.

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in-home appraisal

In-home appraisals are an easy way for you to get a sense of what your items are worth. All you need is to make an appointment.  Before we arrive please have the following in mind:

1- Make a list of items you want appraised.

2- Know what type of appraisal you are looking for: (a) verbal, (b) written      (c) Type of appraisal -market value, -insurance or -probate

3- Have items you want appraised easily accessible, so you are not running around trying to find items.

4- If you need items appraised that are in a safe or bank, have them ready.

If you are looking for documented appraisal, the report will be ready within 48 hours.

Note: The clock starts when we leave the office and get back to the office.

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